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Will CrossFit Help You Become A Better Swimmer?

CrossFit is a relatively new sport or exercising regiment compared to more traditional methods. Unlike training specifically for cardiovascular or weightlifting CrossFit actually takes care of both at the same time! This helps athletes in a variety of ways in the water especially since since every sport is more mental than physical. Physical Improvements Swimming burns a […]

Top 5 Winter Surfing Tips

Surfs up even in the winter time, you just need to know where to go and a few safety tips to help the adventure go smoothly. Some of you that don’t surf on a regular basis are probably thinking that it’s a crazy idea. But in fact, it is quite fun. All you need is […]

Staying Hydrated While Cycling

You lose more water when you’re exercising, even more so when you’re exercising in hot weather. That means cyclists who track countryside trails are at high risk of dehydration under hot dry weather. And you definitely do not want to ruin a good ride by running out of water. You might be wondering – How […]